Saturday, June 2, 2012


     Her father went to work at the break of dawn. Her mother gave her food and went to the stream with a big bundle of washing. As soon as the mother left, her friend, who was a similar looking girl with dry-dirty-tangled hair, came in. She was wearing a misfit short frock, which was making her so self conscious that she was trying to pull it down again and again. Then one by one a couple of kids living in that slum also joined them.
-Come-on, let us play 'home-home'.
-I'll prepare a meal first. You go and collect some fuel. 
-And you clean this place. 
-Oh, not like this... light the fire first !
-I want this seat only. 
-Come, we two will go to wash the clothes. 
-No, all of you must come and sit here. Have your food first, only then can you go out. 
-I'll have my food in this plate only. 
-Oh, there is no more rice. So many people have come...its all eat first, I'll have my meal later. 
-"Are you playing the mother?" All were surprised. 

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