Sunday, June 3, 2012


     He probably was the youngest man in such an important position. He decided that he would purge the city of prostitution. Wasting no time he passed the order to raid the places where sex workers traded their bodies.
-"In no time these shameful streets should be raided and demolished."
-But sir, you already know that this is a commercial town. Many businessmen and workers leave their homes and come here to earn their bread. Denied this pleasure, the crime-rate would escalate. Rape and harassment would be common.
     the officer looked aghast at this explanation and said- "But this is libido... immorality...degradation of humanity.It is this that is ruining this country."
     - Sir, this practice has one more benefit. Unlike the housewives, these harlots don't give birth to every child. This helps in controlling the population boom and...
     -"But this is shamelessness...inhumanity."
     - This is also a natural biological need. In the lower classes of the society marriage is not feasible for all. It needs money. Then the upkeep of the family...This practice has no such problem...The economic condition of this country...The demon of dowry...
     -"So what do you want ? Should we allow this vulgarity to go on ?The burden of this grand sin would one day..."
     -Don't misunderstand me sir, I only mean that administrators should pay attention to other more  practical matters. 

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